Wellness / Preventive Care

We examine and treat primarily dogs and cats with some exotics, mostly fur bearing animals and some birds and reptiles. With being an AAHA regulated hospital, we are held to higher standards of care. Each and every patient is important to us and we take the time needed to diagnose, and explain the treatment options to our clients. We make it a priority to stay current with the latest treatments and vaccine protocols.

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Surgery Services

Dr. Barry Parks and Dr. Tyler Gallaher are the surgeons at Hopkins Road Animal Hospital. Dr. Barry Parks has many years of experience and has taken continuing education classes and labs on multiple surgery procedures. He has a special interest in eye surgeries, Cruciate surgeries and Patella Luxation surgeries. He has performed many foreign body and bladder stone surgeries as well. Dr. Tyler Gallaher is a more recent graduate, but has performed many advanced surgeries and he is continuing to learn and advance his skills.

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We are very fortunate to have digital radiography (X-ray) and Ultrasound machines to help us diagnose and treat many diseases that may get overlooked without them.

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Blood Panels

We are able to perform in house bloodwork diagnostics as well as send out samples for more complex or specific panels. Since our patients are not able to tell us how they feel or where they hurt, imaging and blood panels give us a great amount of information to diagnose and treat our patients successfully.

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Class IV Laser Therapy

We have a Class IV Laser which has been a great addition to our treatment modalities for infection, tissue healing and osteoarthritis. We have seen so many patients benefit from laser treatments that we recommend it for all surgical procedures and arthritic joints. It is nice to have a way to help alleviate joint pain without medications that can be harsh on the liver and kidneys, especially with older patients.

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Dental Services

We provide dental cleanings and treatment plans to help each patient remove the tartar present and try to prevent it form returning. Dental disease is so prevalent in our patients that 90% or more have dental tartar and resulting gum inflammation and/or infection from the tartar. We provide dental discounts throughout the year when dentals are scheduled within a specific time frame from the dental exam.

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